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We offer a refreshing approach

Working with you on personalised one off entry level solutions, through to wide-ranging, multifaceted brand protection services each tailored to your individual business requirements.

About Us

Working with you to protect your online presence.

Internet Infrastructure Investigation offers a new and bespoke Internet Governance Solution to your brands online infringement problems. Tailoring online solutions to your individual brand needs and online threats.

Whilst you might not have heard of us before, the team here has considerable experience in dealing with client focused internet related issues and has over 20 years’ experience in law enforcement, centred around, fraud, trademarks and copyright, designs & patents and online offences, covering both open source technologies and the ‘deep web’. We also have over 12 years’ experience in IT systems and infrastructure. Winning multiple national and international industry awards .

By the very nature of the work we engage in, we do not provide full details of our individual team members online, but we are told once met never forgotten !

We pride ourselves on working with our clients to effectively protect their online presence, reducing revenue loss, improving your brand reputation and improve the online users trust in your brand. Enabling clients to maintain control of their online presence and give them piece of mind.

We also offer other services through trusted third party associates who specialise in Training (Including Open Source  and deep web) computer forensics and fraud Investigations.

Using this experience, together with our understanding of how web technologies and online infrastructure works, we can help your brand protect its online presence and revenue, as well as build up your brand’s reputation online.

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Bespoke and innovative solutions to online infringement problems

Brand abuse can have a significant financial impact on your business, and the threats to brands is growing, meaning it is becoming more and more important for businesses to be able to protect their brands online. We can work with you to ensure we effectively maintain your online presence and secure your brand’s reputation, as well as your revenue.

Our bespoke and innovative solutions to online infringement problems centers on identifying the threats that your brand is facing, neutralise this threat by completing an in-depth research / harm matrix  into known risks to your brand and only taking enforcement action when required. Thereby allowing you the option of pursuing further legal solutions to recover costs.


Our Services
Threat Assessment

Our initial threat assessment involves an in-depth evaluation of the online risk that is posed to the client; this includes researching any website, social media threat and the organised criminal gangs behind this infrastructure that the client is facing. Each threat is also risk assessed using a custom-made Harm Matrix ensuring that any action is proportionate to the ‘Risk’ that the client is facing. This culminates in a detailed report which gives the client a number of enforcement options including fully documented costs enabling the client to factor in any action against risk.

Enforcement Action


Any enforcement action has to be both within the Clients interest and also provide a lasting legacy. Whilst our website closure service has been designed to reduce harm to your brand in the fastest possible timeframe, we are well aware that this approach has in the past sometimes felt that the client is playing ‘whack a mole’. To this end by working with most of the registrars in the world and also with Internet Service Providers, Payment Processors and also Law Enforcement Agencies globally as well as other trusted associates, we give our clients, what we would like to think is a more robust solution.

Bespoke Internet Monitoring


Monitoring for potential threats to your brand is as important nowadays as establishing your brand in the first place.  It only takes a few hours for someone, be that a competitor, suppliers, disgruntled employees and not forgetting the counterfeiters, to seriously damage your hard earned reputation.  We provide a number of options, which protect your revenue and reputation, which range from simply ‘Cease and Desist’ letters to complete website closure packages. Depending on what plan is purchased, will also result in Weekly or Monthly monitoring reports which in turn using our bespoke Harm Matrix system enables you, the client, to control your expenditure and make informed decisions regarding any ‘action’ which may be required. “An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure”.


Internet Investigators Awareness Training

As the Internet and World Wide Web has expanded rapidly in recent years it has also become an unlimited free source of information and intelligence. Due to this expansion the ‘Internet and the Web’ has progressively become a significant tool when it comes to gathering intelligence or for that matter conducting investigations online.

This course is designed to give the student an understanding of the skills needed to develop an awareness of the use of the ‘Internet and the Web’ as an open source resource and how a student can utilise the intelligence that open source research and techniques can bring and will enable organisations and investigators to save time and money, whilst maximising the potential to interrogate all available sources of information online.

This one day training course covers the basic principles of website investigation – methodology, investigative principals / objectives and best practice in securing evidence.

It will demonstrate how to access material that is freely available on the ‘Internet and the Web’ quickly and safely and will equip the delegates in the basic concepts that they will need. Including utilising the many tools that are freely available, including information that organisations and individuals post about themselves, their colleagues and family through social media networks and will enable the delegate to successfully harvest information / intelligence.

This course is aimed at organisations or individuals in the public or private sector, involved in the gathering of information for intelligence or due diligence purposes and covers in more detail:

What we cover
Internet Governance
  • The history of the Internet.
  • How the Internet works. Internet protocols.
  • Domain Name Service (DNS).
  • Internet Governance Registry/Registrar/ISP’s.
  • Rules of the web.
Basic Open Source
  • Types of Browsers.
  • Search & Meta Search Engines.
  • Keyword searches.
  • Cached and Archives Pages.
  • HTML.
Deep Web Searching
  • Deep Web.
  • Surface Web v Deep Web.
  • TOR.
  • Naming Structure.
Spam & Social Media
  •  Type of Spam & Social Media.
  • History of Social Media.
  • Searching Techniques.
  • The Power of Social Media.


Basic Tools
  • Designing a basis Tool Kits.
  • Type of Tools available.
  • Types of Searching.
  • Securing evidence.
  • Developing your own risk/threat matrix.
General Problem Solving
  • General Problem Solving.
  • Footprints.
  • Private browsing, anonymous surfing & proxies.
  • Legal Issues.

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